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11 February 2024


On 16 January 2024, the Fundacion Mision Teresiana was stablished under the auspices of the two OCD Provinces of Spain and the OCD Province of Portugal.

The first reunion took place with the attendance of the following:- the Provincial of the Iberian Province, Fr. Francisco Sanchez Oreja; the Provincial of the San Joaquin Province of Navarre, Fr. Jon Korta; Fr. Jerome Paluku, Secretary for Missionary Cooperation in the General Curia and representing the Portuguese Province of Our Lady of Mount Carmel; Sister Gema Juan, representative of the Federations of Carmelite Nuns; Mr. Jon Andoni, Provincial Bursar of the Navarre Province and Fr. Joao Rego, Responsible for Missions in Portugal.

The aim of the new Foundation, apart from its being a stimulus for co-ordination and co-operation among the charitable institutions of the 3 Carmelite Provinces, will also be to promote and increase sensitive activity in relation to poverty in developing Nations and in regions particularly marginalised by society, as well as stimulating solidarity and collaboration for development generally. Another important objective of the Foundation will be to promote voluntary social schemes in aid of development and to sensitize citizens of the “North” to the situations of more deprived populations of the world.