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26 January 2024

Colombia: First Carmelite Congress for Couples

On the weekend 24-26 November, the first Carmelite Congress for Couples was held in Mesa de los Santos (Santander).  The theme for the Congress was “My only concern is to love”.  It was a time of fraternal/sisterly sharing, meetings, prayer and concretion of dreams, while it also provided us with an extra stimulus to continue in our efforts to assist these couples.  33 couples attended the weekend from 5 different locations where we Carmelites are present:-  the Peregrinas Community for Couples (Cucuta), the Betania Community for Couples (St. Teresita, Bogota), the Pastoral Familiar Community (St. Pius X, Bogota), the  Alianza Community for Couples (Cali) and the Galilea Community for Couples (Bucaramanga).

The formation sessions and structures of the weekend were organized by Mrs. Angela Maria Sierra from the Javeriana University of Bogota and by three Carmelites, Frs. Fredy Garzon, Eliber Salcedo and Jorge Mario Naranjo.

We thank God for having allowed us to share this first Congress and for the results that it will produce.