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20 January 2024

OCDS in Reunion Island

The OCDS in Reunion Island was founded in 1989.  The community was canonically erected on 13 April 2004 and now numbers 19.  Our Island is in the Indian Ocean and is part of the OCD Commissariat of Madagascar.  We hold our meetings either in the Convent of the Carmelite Fathers or at the Monastery of the Carmelite Nuns in Les Avirons.  We try to go on Retreats once or twice every year and have an enjoyable annual picnic!  It is a great joy for us to be part of the great Carmelite family.  We also feel united with you, OCDS members of the whole world.  Our Carmelite and Teresian formation continually reminds us that we all share the same charism and that we blossom where we are.