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29 December 2023

French-speaking Africa and Madagascar: Formation Session

At the end of October a formation course for formators was held at the Teresian Centre (of the Congo Commissariat).  The theme for the meeting was: Formation in the intercultural era.  It was conducted by Brothers Valentin Ntumba from the Congo ( biblical and anthropological prospective) and A.M. Zachary Igirukwayo from Burundi ((theological and charismatic prospective).

With both realistic and prophetic courage the OCD Superiors of French-speaking Africa and Madagascar chose formation in this intercultural era as the theme for the formation of their formators.  As a sequel to this course we must now appropriate and begin to promote interculture in educational settings.  This could result, for example, in

  1. transversal understanding and appreciation of the various cultures involved, leading to better understanding of and interaction with each other;
  2. learning to recognize the different languages and to appreciate what is fundamentally human in every language;
  3. re-establishing affectivity in the formation process so as to overcome intellectulalism and assimilation tendencies and to promote evaluation processes that include “intercultural competence”;
  4. to be open to diversity and to include a missionary prospective in the formation programme.