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18 June 2023

Madagascar : A truly exceptional meeting

From Monday 17 April to Sunday 7 May 2023, the Lord gathered the Carmelite nuns of the Indian Ocean (Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion Island) and France, for a three-week formation meeting, in Itaosy, at the house of our Carmelite friars, who were gathered for a Chapter.

Each community was represented by one or more sisters. At the school of Our Mother St. Teresa, we studied in depth the different foundations and elements of our Carmelite life. This meeting was very rich for all of us and enabled us to reassess our lives in depth.

The great novelty of this meeting was that the speakers were French Carmelite nuns (Sister Élisabeth of the Carmel of Surieu and Sister Sabine-Marie of the Carmel of Angers), and this crowned the teaching from our Carmelite Friars.

Let us thank the Lord for what we have shared together under His gaze, encouraging each other to live our Carmelite life better.