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25 March 2023

Central African Republic: Fr. Norberto OCD’s car blown up by a mine

Father Norberto Pozzi, 71, comes from the Ligurian Province. In 1980, he left for the Central African Republic, where he worked as a bricklayer-surveyor for 8 years in the Bozoum mission. After returning to Italy he became a Carmelite priest and in 1995 he returned to the Central African capital, Bangui, as a missionary, working with great strength and courage in the villages of the savannah.

On February 10, while he was on his way to the village of Bokpayan, 22 km from the Bozoum mission, he was injured in the explosion of a mine while traveling with five companions. As his car passed, the mine exploded exactly on the side where Father Norberto was driving. He was the most seriously injured: both of his legs were fractured, but the explosion caused more damage to the left one. A motorcycle transported him to Bozoum Hospital where he underwent surgery to clean the wound and remove shrapnel. He was taken by helicopter to Bangui (Central Africa), then by a military flight to Kampala (Uganda), where he had to endure the amputation of his left foot. On February 21, he was sent urgently to Italy in the hope of stopping the necrosis developing in of his left leg.

Father Norberto, with his great desire to live and help others, wants to resume his mission and, if possible, return among his people in Central Africa.

We entrust him to your prayers.