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30 January 2023

Karnataka-Goa (India): Carmelite theology students celebrate « Carmel Day»

On December 11, Carmelite theologians celebrated «Carmel Day». This is the day of the friars, in which they stage their talents. The stage becomes a witness to how alive and enthusiastic these young people are in using the gifts God has given them for the good of society.

The president of this evocative event was Father George Santhumayor, Provincial of Karnataka-Goa, while as an important guest there was the well-known playwright Nellu Permannur, honored for his contribution to theatre and art. The event, which lasted a little over two hours, included melodious acapella songs, dances and retro-flavoured pieces of music that included a wide assortment of musical instruments.

The event had a huge turnout, with over 800 people present, as well as nuns and priests from the surroundings and various communities.