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18 January 2023

Spain: Father José Vicente Rodríguez, ocd, has died

On November 23, Fr. José Vicente Rodríguez died in Burgos. He was 96 years old and 80 years of profession in Carmel. His funeral took place on November 24, formerly the feast of St. John of the Cross.

Father José Vicente of the Eucharist (José Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez) was born in Monleras (Salamanca) on January 2, 1926. He made his profession on the 14th of August 1942 and was ordained on the 23rd of April 1950. He was professor at the Teresianum in Rome, secretary of Fr. A. Ballestrero when he was General of the Order, Provincial of Castile, superior of various communities and professor at CITeS. José Vicente was one of the great specialists on St. John of the Cross, writing several works on the Mystic Doctor that have no equal.

In an interview for the magazine of the diocese of Malaga, he stated: «We are not a particularly numerous Order: the Carmelites are just over 4,000, the nuns more than double, but the Lord is generous and has given us impressive figures. Saint Teresa of Jesus, Saint John of the Cross, Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity, Edith Stein… They are the treasure of the Carmelite family and of the whole Church. Three of them are Doctors of the Church. It is a true ecclesial treasure for this small Order, by the will of God.»

Let us pray that his soul may rest in peace and for his Province.

May the Lord welcome him into his mercy.