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27 November 2022

Burundi: solemn professions of three friars

Saturday October 11th 2022, in the spiritual center of Mary Queen of Carmel of Gitega, three discalced Carmelite friars, have made their solemn profession: these are friar Anatole of the Divine Mercy, Emmanuel of the Holy Trinity and Marius of the Eucharist. All three of them have done their formation of Carmelite second novitiate in Kinshasa, in the RDC, from July to September 2022. They prepared themselves with spiritual exercises preached by the Rector of the Marian Sanctuary of Mugera, Rev. Venant Mpozako.

The eucharist celebration in which the solemn profession took place was headed by Mons. Blaise Nzeyimana, bischop of Ruyigi and representative of the Episcopal Conference of Burundi of the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic life. Mons. Blaise underlined the joy of celebrating the 400th anniversary of canonization of Saint Teresa of Jesus, on march 12th 1622 and the 52nd anniversary of her proclamation as the first female Church Doctor. He also expressed his recognition on behalf of the bishops of the spiritual apostolate of the discalced Carmelites of Burundi and Ruanda, inviting them to be faithful to their charisma. This is the desire of all the Cristian community of Burundi and Ruanda, theme of prayer and blessing of the bishops.