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24 November 2022

Teresianum: inauguration of the academic year of 2022-2023

Friday October 14th, the Teresianum celebrated the inauguration of the new academic year. The eucharistic celebration was held by S.Emza. Cardinal Kurt Koch, director of the Dicasterium for the promotion of the unity of Christians.

After this first liturgical moment, the academic act took place, divided in a first moment in which fr. Christof Betschart, OCD, preside of the Pontificial University, presented his briefing of the academic year 2021-2022. The second moment of the academic act was the presentation held by his Emza. Cardinal Kurt Koch, regarding the topic “The prayer as the soul of the theology. Regarding the relation between theological reflection and spiritual praxis”.


The inauguration was ended with refreshments in the cloister of the Teresianum.

Beginning of the web site of the University:

Some weeks before, the web site of the university has been enriched with a new resource: the institutional repositorium. The goal is that of preserving in one online space the scientific production of the University and of its members. The repositorium es accessible on the official web:  and is continuously supplied with new attachments.

Along with the scientific and divulgatory works of the professors of the university, the platform gathers some of our principal magazines, completely consultable online, in particular the Teresianum magazine and the Fiamma Viva. Another important section of the repositorium is the one of the doctoral dissertations discussed in the university, made available.