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19 June 2022


It was with joy and gratitude, that the Formators of the Saint Teresa Association were finally able to gather for their first time ever in person Formators’ meeting from March 7th till the 12th of this year.  We had had to cancel it in November 2020 because of the Pandemic.

This March, our Formators came from all over the States, and from two Carmels in Canada, meeting in Louisiana at the Maryhill Renewal Center for this in-person meeting as Cor Orans 119 stipulates. Our meeting was facilitated by Father Daniel Chowning, O.C.D, who gave us wonderful conferences on The Art of seeking the Face of God.  After each conference, we would break out into small groups to work on the questions he gave us; this was to help us reflect more deeply on the topics.

It was a very beneficial week, and we brought home to our respective communities a lot of food for thought, and a deep desire to commit to a deeper formation.   It was truly helpful to share with other Communities and Formators how formation was done in their respective communities.  It became even more apparent to all of us, how well the Holy Spirit guides our religious life and religious formation under the guidance of our Holy Mother, the Church.  As St. Teresa would say, we are blessed to call ourselves the daughters of the Church.