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24 March 2022


Ever since Fr. Juan Vicente Zengotita, OCD, launched La Obra Maxima in January 1921, there have been continuing changes both in its format and content. Thanks to the collaboration of so many Discalced Carmelites, the review has become the mouthpiece of our missionaries. Through their writing and witness, we have been made aware of the difficulties and challenges, not only of their communities and their work, but indeed of the life of the whole Church.

Obra Maxima was begun by the Carmelite Province of Navarre with an edition in Spanish. Inevitably then, many communities of the Order that do not understand Spanish were unable to avail of the news published in it. Due to this, the current director, Fr. Jon Korta, OCD, has launched two international editions, one in English and another in French. As a result of quite a few years of work and organization, both these editions were issued in January 2022, thanks to a group of collaborators and translators. Under Fr. Jon’s direction, the review is now available for and can reach more communities of the Order.

It is essential that the whole Order should be aware of these projects and supportive of them. They are inherent to our Carmelite culture, especially as they seek to promote the life and witness of those Discalced Carmelite friars who proclaim the Gospel of God in missionary lands.