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13 November 2020

The first Chapter Congress in the Congo

The first Chapter Congress of the new Commissariat of St. Joseph of the Congo took place from 24th – 29th September, presided by Fr. General, Saverio Cannistrà, who was accompanied by Fr. Daniel Ehigie, the Definitor for Africa.

Apart from dealing with topics of consequence to the life of the Commissariat, the Congress elected its first Commissioner, as well as three counselors who will help him in this enterprise. below are the results of the elections:

Commissioner: P. Albert Tampwo, que era consejero de la Delegación General.


  1. Gilbert Mubengayi Kayembe
  2. Germain Kalonda Kaya
  3. Jacques Mutimanwa Furaha

May we entreat the Lord to accompany and enlighten the new superiors and all members of the Commissariat.