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18 March 2020

Meeting of formators from Europe

As we reported a few weeks ago, the annual meeting of formators of the European Conference of Provincials was held recently from the 27th of January to the 1st of February at the Teresianum in Rome. Presiding at the meeting was Fr Juan de Bono, ocd, President of the Conference. The more than thirty religious attending the meeting represented almost all of the circumscriptions belonging to the Conference.

The subject for reflection was the religious vows. The lectures were given by Father Giuseppe Crea, a Combonian, and Dr. Gian Franco Poli, followed by a meeting in linguistic groups that was later shared in the plenary assembly.

Fr. Agustí Borrell, ocd, First Definitor General, was able to meet with the formators on the morning of the 29th of January when he discussed with them the Declaration on our Charism. On the 1st of February, accompanied by P. Lukasz Kansy, ocd, the Second Definitor General, he met with the formators of the Iberian Province, to draw up with them the program for the European Second Novitiate.

Next year, God willing, the meeting will take place at CITeS in Avila, with the topic yet to be decided by the Council of the Conference.