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8 January 2018

News from Central Africa

From the Carmel in Bangui we have received some news from Fr. Federico Trinchero this past month of December about the Republic of Central Africa and the situation of the Teresian Carmel there. Unfortunately, the situation is still very difficult, despite the fact that there is scant coverage in the social communication media in the the rest of the world. Eighty percent of the land is occupied by rebel groups and the State has not managed to curb them and has been unable to reestablish its authority in much of the country.

Furthermore, according to the statistics of the UN, the Republic of Central Africa occupies the  the 188th place out of 188 countries in the Human Development Index, therefore the poorest country in the world.

As to our brothers, two from the Republic of Central Africa and five Cameroonians began their novitiate in September in the monastery of St. Elijah of Bouar. Three other young men, two Cameroonians and one from Central Africa, made their simple vows after completing a year in the novitiate. Two of them have become members of the community of the Carmel in Bangui.

A solemn profession and priestly ordination were celebrated and as part of a programme of collaboration with the mission in Cameroon, which is dependent on the Province of Lombardy, some young Central African students will continue their theological and pastoral studies in that country.