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17 December 2017

New OCDS Council in Central Italy

The Secular Order of the Province of Saint Joseph, Central Italy, held elections October 28th through 29th in Sassone, near Rome.

Some time after the creation of the new Province, its predecessors being Rome and Tuscany, a decision was made to elect a single council for the OCDS for the entire provincial territory made up of a president and eight councilors: two from Sardinia, three from the former Province of Tuscany, and three from the former Province of Rome.

Those elected are: Cecilia Manuelli (president), Gabriella Stilli, Laura Isotton, Luana Santoro, Michela Peddio, Paolo Boncristiano, Maria Antonia Poda, and Maria Teresa Castaldi.

Present at the meeting were the Vicar General, Father Agustí Borrell; the Provincial, Father Rocco Visca; and the Provincial Delegate to the OCDS, Father Arnaldo Pigna.