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25 October 2017

The General Curia present on a new social network: Instagram

In his desire to communicate the life and activities of the Order in general, and of the Curia in particular, the Secretary for communication opened a new account on Instagram, a social network created for the diffusion of photos and tiny videos. The objective of the secretary is to reach, in this manner, more of the public, outside and within the Order, and to give them knowledge of our life and activities in concrete and by images through this social network – much frequented by young people. The contents published on Instagram can be shared on Twitter (where we are present as @ocdcuria) and on Facebook (where are present as CuriaGeneralizia CS).

From here, we are able to encourage all those who are present on this social network to follow us. You can also send us photos of events, monasteries, convents, etc., from your circumscriptions in whatever part of the world to this address:, accompanied by a small descriptive text, and we will publish them with much pleasure. Our “Nick name” in Instagram is: ocdinform.