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15 September 2017

Extraordinary Definitory, Ariccia (Rome)

As we have been reporting in detail on our Web page and social media, we held an Extraordinary Definitory in Ariccia, Rome, from August 29th to September 6th in the Pauline family’s “Divin Maestro” retreat house.

The Definitory was divided into three parts: first, the Father General reported on the state of the Order to the major superiors; then the Vicar General reported on the status of the rereading of the Constitutions, a process which was decided upon in the 2015 General Chapter in Ávila. In these first two parts, the representatives of the Circumscriptions were asked to collaborate and express opinions by geographical area.

Lastly, the Superiors – some of who are new to their office – received a formation mini-course developed with help from the General government with the goal of helping the Superiors inspire their Circumscriptions.

The Definitory ended with an interesting conference by Father Agustí Borrell, Vicar General, on religious that are present in the territories of other Circumscriptions. He will send a document to the entire Order for reflection and study. Along the same lines, Father Saverio, Superior General, met with all his Definitors from September 6th through 12th in an ordinary Definitory to analyze the results of the meeting of Ariccia and study the contributions of the regional Superiors.