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24 April 2017

A virtual visit to the Teresianum

From the 5th of April last, the Teresianum Pontifical Theological Faculty and the Pontifical Institute of Spirituality in Rome has become more accessible, thanks to the possibility of making a virtual visit, which gives an opportunity of getting to know its more important facilities.

The 360 degree tour begins with a visit to the central cloister, which you can move around by means of the directional arrows which can be found at the bottom of the computer screen or, on mobile devices, simply by rotating the screen or moving it with the finger. As they move around, visitors will find a series of pulsating camera shaped icons which, when pressed, will make it possible to see the entrance to the Teresianum, the crypt and classrooms, and the secretarial office.

One icon with an arrow enables you to make a virtual visit to the chapel and move about in it with a 360 degree vision. From the heights of the organ pipes, visitors can again press another arrow which will take them to the library, where some of the more significant items in its collection can be seen. Another icon on the door of the chapel will take you on a visit to the Aula Magna – the Great Hall.

The work was done so unselfishly by the photographer José Ángel Barbero and by Juan Borrego Alonso, from the leading company in technology and communication services for the Church, COMUNICA+, from Salamanca, Spain (

The website for the virtual visit is this: