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14 November 2016

Archives of the Discalced Carmelite Friars of Catalonia-Balearic Islands on FACEBOOK

The archives of the old St Joseph Province of the Discalced Carmelites of Catalonia – Balearic Islands, now integrated into the Iberian Province, has opened a page on Facebook, for the purpose of making known the history and cultural background of the old Province as well as the Teresian Carmel in general, by means of graphical and textual documents (manuscripts or printed), from their own archives or other sources, such as databases, websites, blogs and literature that relates to this topic. First of all, we try to show photos which shed light on the monasteries and convents of the Province, by organizing them into separate photo albums, since many of them are no longer in existence. We also give links to other news which carry some reference related to the history of the Order. For years, the patient and incessant work of the historian and provincial archivist, Gabriel Beltran Larroya (1928-1998), continued to reconstruct partially the old archives, by consulting all those other archives which kept any type of documentation related to the monasteries and religious of the Order. He published numerous articles about his investigations, which can be consulted on the following link: