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21 October 2016

The role of women in the Church

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith organised a symposium in Rome on this subject, which took place from 26-28th September in the International Centre for Missionary Animation, situated on the campus of the Pontifical Urban University.

According to the Press Office of the Holy See, nearly fifty theologians took part in the meeting, among whom was the Discalced Carmelite, Cristina Dobner. There were also historians, religious canonists and lay people from five continents, as well as consultants and officials from the Dicastery.

The symposium had been organised by an international committee which included, Mary Melone, Lucetta Scaraffia, Ana Cristina Villa Betancourt and José Granados. The session was opened by Cardinal Gerhard Müller, whilst the Spanish Archbishop, Luis Ladaria, Secretary of the Congregation, brought the proceedings to a close, with the announcement that the papers would be published, so that the result of the debates during the sessions would be available to everyone.