The Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain, issues a correction regarding Gracián

The Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain, issues a correction regarding Gracián

A few weeks ago, we read interesting news in the blog titled, “Teresa, de la rueca a la pluma” (Teresa: from the spinning wheel to the pen), written by María José Pérez, Discalced Carmelite from Puçol, Valencia (Spain):

“Last June 6th, on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Father Gracián, we once again shared on our social networks an entry in this blog in which we questioned, in a rational way, the commentary of the Prado Museum regarding one of his works. We refer to the October 2016 publication titled, ‘Jerome Gracián in the Prado Museum?’

“We understood that one of the figures in the painting by Benito Mercadé y Fábregas, for historical reasons, could not be Father Jerome Gracián, as stated in the information about the work of art provided in the Museum’s website, but instead was Father Ángel de Salazar. To our surprise, early the next day we received a tweet from the national gallery announcing the correction:

“‘Good morning. Thank you very much for the post. We have modified the description of the work of art. Once updated, the text will read as follows: “Saint Teresa of Jesus (1515-1582) gives an account of her reform to Father Ángel de Salazar (c. 1518 – c. 1596), provincial of the Order of Carmel.

‘—Prado Museum (@museodelprado) June 7, 2018’

“We are very happy that our blog influences such a prestigious institution, and we hold that we are happy to have contributed to the improvement of the information that is offered on its magnificent website.”

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