News from the Carmel in Tangiers (Morocco)

News from the Carmel in Tangiers (Morocco)

The community of Discalced Carmelite Nuns in Tangiers have sent us some news which we wish to share with you.

During 2017, two Sisters arrived to build up the community by their presence: Sister Sidioly, originally from Bolivia, who came from the Telde Carmel (Canary Isles, Spain) and Sister Julia, who came to Tangiers after spending one year in her community of origin in Pescara (Italy). In May, Sister Elizabeth returned for good to Peru. After her departure, Sister Alice was elected as Councilor.

The Sisters continue to learn French and Arabic, thanks to the helpfulness of Father Joël Colombel, ofm, and the generosity of the Sisters of Vals Près le Puy in France. Sister Mary Anne, after improving her French, was able to obtain her Moroccan driver’s license, essential for the community in that situation.

Thanks to the generosity of some benefactors, they were able to carry out necessary works in the house.

Some of the Sisters were able to take part in formation courses as well as receiving support from the friars of the Iberian Province, who came right to Tangiers to preach retreats to the community, give courses, be chaplains and, finally, to share fraternally the Teresian charism held in common.