News from Bangui Carmel

News from Bangui Carmel

From our well-loved Fr. Federico Trinchero, a Discalced Carmelite friar, we have received news from the Central African Republic, in particular about Carmel in Bangui, the Capital. After the terrible massacre carried out in November in Alindao, about 500 kilometres from the capital, by an Islamist group (paradoxically called the “Union for Peace in the RCA”) during which more than eighty people died, the city was totally looted and the Church desecrated, the Catholics of the country were left in a strong state of shock. Among the victims were two priests and through the courageous intervention of the young bishop of the diocese, Bishop D. Cyr-Néstor Yapaupa, the lives of hundreds of people were saved as he organized their escape into the savannah, he himself remaining behind.

The initial moments of pain and bewilderment having past, the dioceses of Central Africa proposed that December 1st, the National holiday, be dedicated to prayer for peace and reconciliation.

But it’s not all bad news. Despite the difficulties faced by three-quarters of the country, our missions are still working at full capacity, although a “normal” day would be quite an event for everyone. In addition, on 8th of December, was celebrated the solemn profession of brother Michael, a Discalced Carmelite. He is the eighth of twelve brothers, whose blind father did not miss the ceremony. With his definitive incorporation into the Order, for the first time the number of native religious surpasses that of the Italian missionaries.

Grateful that we can transmit some good news, we also indicate some means by which we can help our brothers financially:

1) by bank transfer to Missioni CARMELITANE LIGURI using IBAN: IT42D0503431830000000010043;

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