Echoes from the ‘Vítor Teresa’ exhibition [Cheers to Teresa]

Echoes from the ‘Vítor Teresa’ exhibition [Cheers to Teresa]

The Vítor Teresa exhibition, which could be seen last year in Alba de Tormes (Salamanca) and which brought together very significant works on the life of the religious Saint Teresa, will be able to be “kept track of” forever in Salamanca.

The importance of those works exhibited, which have returned to their owners, preventing perpetual maintenance in a joint manner but, in order to immortalize this coming together, the Salamanca Provincial Council has photographed a selection of them and will expose them in the La Salina Palace in Salamanca until the 5th of May.

Subsequently, with the objective that the initiative can continue to be shared, Vítor Teresa in Itinere, [Vítor Teresa ‘gadding about’] composed of large photographs in 24 panels, will become part of the catalogue of exhibitions that the Provincial Council offers, free of charge, to the Town councils of the province.

The original Vítor Teresa exhibition was mounted in the St John of the Cross monastery, promoted by the Discalced Carmelites friars of Alba de Tormes and financed by the Salamanca Provincial Council on the occasion of the Teresian Jubilee Year. From July to December 2018, more than 17,200 people visited the exhibition.

The initial design showed the figure of Teresa of Jesus from a religious perspective through the works of art exhibited and also proposed “a look at the saint in other aspects of her life, such as the great writer she was or even in her most personal facets.”

Contributing to the exhibition were the Discalced Carmelite Friars of Alba, the University of Salamanca, the House of Alba, the Salamanca Diocese, the Cathedral of Salamanca, the Pontifical University, the Provincial Museum of the Junta, the Rodríguez Fabrés Fundación, the Diocese of Ávila, the House of Pastrana, the Archconfraternity of the Rosary, the Alfonso IX Research Group, as well as companies and individuals from Alba.

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